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Urban Farm Critters: Howdy, Pleased to Meet You!


The Urban Farm family can hardly wait to you meet you! Here you’ll find goats and pigs, chickens and sheep, and many other barnyard friends to get to know.


Here are a few interesting facts about the chickens who call the Urban Farm home. Cluck cluck!



Araucana Chickens


  • Araucanas are known in the chicken world as pretty poultry. This breed has distinctive ear tufts that can grow on both sides of the head or only one side; they can be very big or very small; and can be upswept, spiral, ringlet, fans, and many other shapes.
  • This breed lays artistically-coloured eggs that range in shade from blue and blue-green to olive.
  • Unlike brown eggs, which show the brown colour only on the outside of the shell, the blue colour runs through the entire Araucana egg shell.
  • This breed can endure cold winters and hot summers. They are athletic, confident, and intelligent. They are pretty good flyers, too!